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Default Anybody got S1 and Dock working with Ableton?

I have an S1 and a Dock (with tablets on each), and while I can get the Dock to show me all the tracks in my Ableton project, the S1 will only show me 1-8, and won't bank up or reflect any higher selection I make from the arrangement window or from the Dock (which communicate fine with each other).

I've followed the setup as far as I can see.

In Control Surface, I have Mackie Control set to Port 1 (input and output)
And Mackie Control XT set to Port 2 (input and output)

In the Midi Ports section, I have ports 1 & 2 input and output enabled for Track and Remote.

I have dragged Ableton to the System Prefs Eucon window and enabled midi control via Mackie on ports 1-4.

I am running Ableton 9.7.7, but I doubt that anything would have changed in Mackie protocol between 9 and 10.

Anybody made this work?

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