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Default Midi "Greyed Out" on Instrument track

Hi guys,

Up until very recently I have had zero issues when using Superior Drummer 3 on stereo instrument track in Protools. My usual starting point when working is to open a new session, select stereo instrument track then from the drop down menu select SD3 from the multi channel instrument menu, then simply click and drag a groove from SD3 into Protools then loop it for ideas.
A few weeks back, I re-opened a session and noticed that the midi on the SD3 instrument track was greyed out and playing nothing back. I have never had any issues with this before and have never had to open the instrument view and ensure that SD3 is routed to a midi channel. It has always been automatic. I have checked all of my I/O etc and can not find resolution to this problem.
Any suggestions would be very cool at this moment as this is driving me nuts!!!

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