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Default Fast Track Pro, No Sound, Windows 8.1 w/ latest drivers

Hello everyone,

I've been searching for many hours on how to get my Fast Track Pro to work with my new PC (Windows 8.1). I've just built this new PC and am migrating from using the FTP on an older MacBook (worked fine).

Basically, I went to the Avid site and downloaded the latest drivers (which indicates Windows 8 compatibility). Then, I connected the FTP via USB. Nothing happened.

In Windows, when I look at the "manage audio devices" screen, the FTP is not listed. The default audio is the built-in one and I cannot change to the FTP. However, under "pc devices and settings" I can see the FTP when it's connected, the only action I have there is "remove", which doesn't help.

My assumption is that with the device connected, I would have the option to select it as the output device (perhaps listed when the sound icon is clicked from the taskbar).

I quickly downloaded Reaper to see if I could see the FTP listed as a device, but it's not. I used Logic on my macbook, and was eventually going to move to Pro Tools.

Any help getting this setup would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!
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