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Default Re: Control|24 with Pro Tools 11?

Originally Posted by louieshowers View Post
...again, I don't own one, but it seems that many of these are still circulating about. Some people may want to continue using them. End of life does not mean they vanish off of the earth. In a perfect world, older stuff should be able to be handled by newer stuff...just like pt10 can open pt 9,8,7 etc. Not looking for a debate here, just voicing.
Thanks for your perspective. If we could maintain support/compatibility with every existing product while adding new ones and changing code to work with new Operating Systems and devices we would. It's just not practical. The test grid alone would eventually prevent us from shipping a product. Technology moves on, and we do our best to balance new products & features with support of existing ones for a reasonable amount of time.

Regarding the Control|24, as previously stated... we stopped selling them in 2007 and it was added to the KB with a 12/31/2012 End of Support date.

There are trade-in offers available to Control|24 owners that want to move to newer console or version of Pro Tools.
I am sure that a definitive yes or no regarding support would go a long way for people
The code for Control|24 was not re-written for Pro Tools 11 or Pro Tools HD 11 so unfortunately that answer would be no.
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