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Default Re: Mixing & Mastering in Pro Tools: Getting Professional Re

I checked out some pics on your site. The Sonex on ALL the surfaces of your room is going to give you a VERY dead room with no hi-frequency reflections at all, but plenty of lo-frequency info is going to be bouncing around, unless you have a ton of bass trapping that I didn't see in the pics. I would guess it's really hard to get a mix that translates out of your room... the low end must be very difficult to judge. And in the tracking room, you must have to EQ out tons of low-end and lo-mids because all the hi end is getting sucked out by the Sonex and leaving the low stuff to bounce around and build up. One general rule of thumb for absorbtion vs. reflection (or diffusion) is to aim for about half of the surfaces should be hard and reflective and half should be absorbtive. And you want those absorbtive areas set where you'll catch the first reflections from your speakers... i.e. the side walls and ceiling above your listening position, and the back wall (unless your room is big enough that diffusion on the back wall is helpful).
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