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Default Re: Mixing & Mastering in Pro Tools: Getting Professional Re


My main impression is not a problem with recording per se, but with the method you have of assembling the elements of the rhythm section. It seems like all your drums and bass need to be brought forward and put in a position where they drive the performance more. Primarily I think it's about controlling the bottom and not being afraid to push the drums up. By doing the CD comparisons, I think you'll hear how far forward the drums are in modern mix styles.

I'll second this opinion! Modern music does (for better or worse) tend to have a more aggressive sound w.r.t. bass and rhythm section.

But I noticed something: when I really cranked my monitors, things sounded quite good! Yet at quieter volumes (and it may be that I was prejudiced by the above post), I wished for a little "thump". Could it be that you're mixing too loudly?

On a psychological level, increasing the low end of the bass and kick, or the punchiness of the snare, relative to melodic elements (mainly the vocals) encourages the listener to turn the music up, so that the whole song can be heard. To a certain extent, the listener becomes more engaged. Intrigued (hopefully) by the melody, the magnified beat and rhythm now have an opportunity to stir our primeval, subconscious, dancing-around-a-fire heritage. What opinions and judgements are made after this is almost irrelevant; we all just want a song to given a fair chance.

But if a listener can get all of the necessary information at a quiet volume, well, that's not very exciting, is it?

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