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Default Re: Looking to purchase New Mac for pro tools, help!

Originally Posted by musicman691 View Post
I have the original DSL401 - not too shabby but I really need to change that 12 incher out. Disappointed the current Vintage 30's are China made I believe. Got any thoughts on the Eminence's and if so which?

Cymbals - so many with so many different sounds. Like I say I'm partial to Sabians. Not many people know they're branched off from Zildjian - one of the family went his own way, ended up in Canada and started his own cymbal line/name. You might want to look into the Zildjian 15 inch New Beat hihats - love the sound when I hear them and not many drummers play them.

Fret hand tendon issues - isn't that what sidelined Dave Mustaine for a while? Have you tried lowering or raising your guitar a bit? Won't cure things but might help ease the discomfort.

Mesa has a contract with Celestion for British V30s. You can get them from the Mesa website. I put a Celestion Gold into the 5C. Its a lot more efficient and you know it! I put G12Hs in the Mesa cab. One is a 55 and the other a 75. The Laney 2x12 came with G12H75 Anniversary's, which are different from the other G12Hs. Laney, Marshall and Mesa Celestion is the hands down choice.

The Fender Blues Deluxe RI has a built by Eminence Fender 12". I love BDRI as it is because its so easy to dial up "swamp." With the BD RI, just add an Analogman modded Boss TR-2 and play CCR and Tony Joe White day after day, week after week! If you haven't heard it, do yourself a favor and pick up Tony Joe White's "Hoodoo" album.

I have the 14" New Beats, but desire the 15s!

Yes it is. I have raised my guitars and changed strings to .008s, except the LP and JEM, which have .009s The LP will get .008s soon. I'm the worst slide player you've ever heard, but I'm working on it I have tendon problems in my middle finger. Doc Sigmier at Rocky Mountain Slides is making a slide just for me, that will fit my middle finger. I have short, thick fingers and extreme few slides fit properly and the ones that do, I don't like. As far as I'm concerned Doc is the slide wizard! You'll never see his slides in the big box stores, as he is a one man operation who puts his heart and soul into making slides. Doc's slides have mojo!

An understand spouse, some mics, tube guitar amps, gray foam stuff stuck to the walls, a drum kit, a Mac or two, and an interface. A really understanding spouse!
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