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Default Re: Looking to purchase New Mac for pro tools, help!

Originally Posted by DannyB_KY View Post
Well, an honest question deserves an honest answer.

In Dec, the wife and I will celebrate our 40th anniversary. She's a keeper!! She had tolerated me and my quirks for decades, literally. I've been blessed!!

And I'm loud!!

My music room is approx 18x24. It contains a 6 piece DW Performance kit, a 750watt per channel PA built on a GX7. There are 2 MBPs, interfaces, mic cables, dynamic, condenser and ribbon mics. A Marshall DSL 5C 5watt, a Laney Lionheart LT20H with matching 2x12, A Fender Blues Deluxe Ri 40 watt, a Mesa 5:50Plus with Vertical Recto 2x12 50 watts and a really B.A. Marshall JVM 410HJS with a Marshall 1960A. Even with an Aracom DAG attenuator on the 410, I have to still wear hearing protection. Its a beast!! I have a Rivera Rockcrusher I move around to the other amps as I know no volume less than 3 o'clock. Did I mention I'm loud!!?

Adulthood starts at 90, and I can't help getting older, but I refuse to grow up and rock n roll helps!! After all, I'm only 18.................with 41 years experience!

Up tempo, Jack!! Louder!! : Leslie West
Congratulations on both 40 years of marital bliss AND that she's understanding enough to allow that gear collection. I have to ask about your music room - is it part of the house or what? And how's the sound leakage, given the amps listed and that DW kit. Love their sound; who's cymbals? Partial to Sabians.

You're the first person here that I can remember that references West/Bruce/Laing - shame they didn't do more.
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