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Default Re: Physical RAM is running Low error

Originally Posted by Goobs View Post
Out of curiosity, when you go into the Terminal, and do a "sudo pmset -g" command, what do the results say?

As a corollary to that, have you ever played around with these settings to troubleshoot?
Active Profiles:
AC Power -1*
Currently in use:
standby 1
Sleep On Power Button 1
womp 0
autorestart 0
hibernatefile /var/vm/sleepimage
darkwakes 0
gpuswitch 2
networkoversleep 0
disksleep 0
sleep 0 (sleep prevented by ucapp)
autopoweroffdelay 14400
hibernatemode 0
autopoweroff 1
ttyskeepawake 1
displaysleep 0
standbydelay 10800

What settings in particular? I've tried every combination of Disk Cache and Buffer and also turned off all power management, etc. I also tried different interfaces, fresh installs, reboots, SMC reset, etc. - still the same issues are present.

It shouldn't matter though, because physical RAM usage is very low... is there an OSX setting I missed? Or is this error a false readout?
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