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Default Re: copying chourus\'s and other audio information

I tried all of what you said it worked sort of. i set the tempo manually because i allways know the tempo of my songs, it was weird i tried to use beat detective i highlighted about 2-3 bars of the track the beat detective pop up showed the bars highlighted asked if it was 4/4 time i clicked "process" or what ever and it seemed
like it defaulted to 120.00 bpm i tried three or four time same thing maybe i did something wrong? after setting the tempo my self 86 bpm i clicked grid and the grid showed up on all of the tracks very cool.
this is were i got lost 1. is there a pop up window for the grid function ? 2. there is a display for grid in the far top right hand corner it allways reads 000.1 or something like that, what part does that display play in the process? how does the snap to function work can you explain it to me and how does it work in conjunction with copying audio within a grid (the manual is very vauge ) oh yea, say i have a chours that is built up over four audio tracks 1-2-3-4 its
recorded in between measures 17-24 i want to copy all of the chourus all 4 tracks to say measure 25-32 using the grid fuction and snap to how is it done? the way i did it last night was i made a duplicate of each track 1-4 and manualy moved them into position one at a time using the grid for accuracy it took a while but it was accurate. is there a easy way maybe using the snap function? i think i got lucky though because all of my tracks began at a grid line what if i had a track that began in the middle of two grid line's it would be olmost impossible to move them accuratly is there a way to tighten up the grid? maybe it has to do with choosing the note value quarter notes and so on. if you could tackle any of these questions it would be of help.
Your last post got me on the right track thanks in advance
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