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Default Re: Plugin Alliance insanity

Originally Posted by Bob L View Post
My 14 day demo of the B15N (Heritage) lasted 12 minutes. I applied it to a bass track in a song I've been working over for months and scrambled for my wallet. Intro price less $50 voucher = $49.

I have had limited experience with a Portaflex, and all of that on a beater. I don't really know or care if it sounds like any Ampeg hardware. I was sold quickly.

Jack, you must be disappointed after the wait for this to drop.
Very disappointed; I had no idea which variant PA did for the UAD platform and if I did I wouldn't have waited for this. You could say I'm a bit of a snob about this but having had a real B15N Portaflex I know what I want. Keep in mind I'm not ticked at PA for modeling what they modeled and it may well capture the tone of the pair of amps modeled it's just not what I wanted. I've been demoing it for a few hours now comparing it with the PA V4B I purchased from them last month and it's not the insta-purchase the V4B was.

I'll wait on the purchase to see what the other two Ampegs coming over the next 2 weeks sound like.

I'll say one thing in it's favor though - it's hands down WAY better sounding than the two B15 variants IKMM has (they do both the Heritage and a B15 model that has quad 6L6's in the finals - the one Bootsy Collins uses). And you don't need huge levels on the input to drive it like the IKMM ones.
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