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Default Re: Favorite Saturation Plugins - Does Anything Touch Decapiator

Originally Posted by Southsidemusic View Post
First off HEAT will work on non HD versions from 2019.6 and if you buy a perp license for HEAT it is on sale for $199 which is a GREAT price...

Originally Posted by YYR123 View Post
Yes heat would be worth the wait

If I had known HEAT worked with PT 2019.6 I wouldn't have mentioned it.. my annual update thingy lapsed at ver 12.4 and I've been stuck with it ever since. I was only two days late trying to make the update payment and was basically told to get screwed, that I'm just a number for the the quarterly reports; now give us our fahkin money! This disrespect makes me want to try, and probably be a full time Reaper user in the near future. But I'm way off track here; I already have a PT vs Reaper thread. Back to the plugins.

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