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Default Re: Question about passive and active subs for Atmos

Originally Posted by its2loud View Post
It really just depends on personal taste and budget. Some folks like to keep all their speakers the same manufacturer. Any passive sub is going to rely on the amp for differences in performance and coloration of sound. With an active sub, you know what you’re getting out of the box as far as performance goes.
Indeed^^^^. My question is; does any sub you consider need to be THX-or Atmos certified? If not, check out the Presonus Temblor T10(or even a pair of them). I initially passed over them as looking not-up-to-the-task, but boy was I wrong. Was chatting with Rick Naqvi and asked about one of their AIR15 subs for my last CR. He said that would be serious overkill for my room(14' wide and 19" long). He went on to describe the factory studio that runs dual T10 subs and told me I could try a pair to see if they measured up. My Genelec 8050A's ran out of steam before the subs Needless to say I bought a pair, but I also feed a separate line from my speaker selector that passes through a digital crossover so I can tweak everything(using SMAART Live). I plan on adding a single to my new mix room ASAP(a much smaller space).

I would not do a passive sub unless it was a very big room that could fit something like a pair of JBL Cinema boxes(18" loaded) with appropriate power and system control
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