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Default Sample Rate - Going from 44.1 to 48Khz


I'm a composer and have been using Pro Tools 12.3.1 for about 3 years.

All of my music is recorded in 24k (bit depth) and 44.1Khz (sampling rate).

Recently, I accessed one of my compositions and changed the sampling rate to 48Khz. That's when all hell broke loose!

I received the following very common error message, "The current playback engine does not support a sample rate of 48Khz.

At this point, I couldn't access ANY of my compositions,

I have read extensively of the various solutions posed by your many users, and none seems to solve the issue consistently.

The only solution I have found is this:

Before you leave the PT session, go to a composition written in 44.1Khz.
Then, your assured that you'll be able to get back into the program.

If you leave the program having worked in 48K and you try to get back in to work on a 44.1, you will not be able to even access the session.

At times, when I've been "locked out" I've had to create a new session in 44.1, save it, and then go on to another composition in 44.1

To summarize, as soon as you click 48K either in setting up a PT session, or modifying an existing 44.1Khz session, you will either locked up or unable to launch a 44.1 session.

Any ideas?

I'm running Pro Tools 12.3.1 on an I7 PC with 16 Gb of RAM.

Thanks in advance,

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