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Default Re: AAE 9173 Pro Tools ran out of CPU power

I am having this problem also.

Pro Tools is constantly crashing with only a instance of Play with a piano loaded and BFD3 in a session. I can't work more then 10 seconds before it crashes, both with 11.2 and 11.3, updated plugins to latest version, tried removing them, reinstalling them. No difference.

At this point I have lost 2 weeks of work, I'm thinking I should start sending Avid invoices seen as I, the end user has to put more time and effort into making their software work then they appear to do.

I believe I have every right to blame avid, TBH I find it disgusting that a company that is dedicated to making software for professionals is so lenient when it comes to quality control. The least I expect from software of this price is stability. Coming on here to find solutions to problems and getting told that it is my fault, my problem, my computer etc just does not cut it. If it is my job to make the software work with any amount of stability then why the hell am I paying them, they should be paying me.

Avid, a typical corporation more bothered about their pockets than providing a good product, it's absolutely disgusting and I can't believe that people stand up in their defence.
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