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Default Re: missing iLok authorization with Pro Tools Express Akai Edition

Bruce...Yes - finally I got there....

After registering my M Audio M track Quad device I obtained a complimentary support code which I was then able to use to post a query to M Audio technical support regarding the problem I was having when I input the authorisation code contained on the Pro Tools Express card i.e. -
'We are sorry, but this code has already been used to activate software, and can only be used once'

Eventually, I received a response from inmusicbrands technical support regarding this support case who created a new authorisation code for me.

This time when I input the new code on the Avid Software Activation and Download link page I was then able to move on, surrender the primer licence and install the final licence on my iLok account, which was then subsequently transferred to the iLok usb device.

With the M Audio M Track Quad device attached I was then finally able to download the M Audio ASIO driver for the M track Quad device and then run Pro tools Express for the first time.

I notice however that you cannot run Pro Tools express without both the M Track Quad and iLok device being connected.

In addition, I don't seem to be able to find a way of configuring the Pro Tools Express software to use my normal Auzuntech sound system as a playback engine..the only selection available is the M audio M track Quad with ASIO driver.

Is it possible to allow the Pro Tools Express software to run without the M Track Quad connected ?
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