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Default Re: missing iLok authorization with Pro Tools Express Akai Edition

I was just about to post exactly the same problem, so I thought to mention it in this thread.

I went through the downloading of iLok licence manager v2.4.3 , have a second generation iLok in my USB port with the Pro Tools Akai Professional / M Audio Edition Primer product activated on the iLok.

Device Manager on the computer says iLok is installed (under dongles) with everything enabled.

I can xfer licences backwards and forwards from my iLok to my online iLok account. I can also synchronise the iLok with the online account.

Running the Pro Tools Express application however, gives exactly the error message indicated in this thread.

Is there any email address for Avid technical support to get this followed up ?

I have already reported the problem to iLok - here is their reply ..


If a license that is on your iLok is not authorizing the associated software, please contact the software developer of the software you are attempting to use for further information on the use and authorization of their product.

Understand that the software developers are the only ones capable of licensing their products. PACE merely builds the infrastructure for the software publishers to distribute their products in the way that is consistent with their licensing terms.

iLok technical support
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