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Default Re: Fades now supported on Elastic tracks in PT10?

Yes, the little bumps you may have heard on elastic audio tracks are gone with real-time fades in PT 10. The trouble that previous versions had was that because the elastic audio algorithms are inherently nondeterministic, there was the potential for out-of-phase audio at the boundaries of audio regions and fades, since the fades were pre-rendered using only a small amount of preceding audio to feed the EA algorithm to generate the fade. The EA algorithms have a "state" that reflects all the previous audio that's been fed to them in a region, so the transition from the real-time processed elastic audio region and the pre-rendered fade had the potential to catch the EA alg in a different state at the boundary, resulting in a pop/glitch. To help alleviate this, previous versions did indeed put a "microfade" on the transitions between EA regions and fades, but this would only help for certain kinds of material (the microfade was too short to help low frequency phase shifts).

Anyway, all this is gone with real-time fades, since the fades work only with the real audio coming from the EA plug-in. If you have a glitch between regions, you can put a fade on it and it will go away like you'd expect, which previous versions might not always do.

I hope that helps.

Paul Vercellotti
Avid Engineering
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