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Default Re: UVI Falcon 'Extras'

Originally Posted by Rooxii View Post
Hi, I can't find much information on Rex 1.7 library.pkg, the 'extra' that comes with the VI Falcon installer (PT 2019.6)

Apple flagging it as an unidentified developer doesn't inspire confidence, either.

I tried looking inside with Pacifist, but that caused Apple to flag it again (most unusual).

Using the Terminal command 'Expand' gives "Illegal byte sequence". Once again, not too inspiring.

Anyone have any info on this? Thanks.
Have you tried Google?
Apparently it's some utility to play Rex files. I don't recall getting this file in either the Avid supplied Falcon 1.6 or the Falcon 2 from UVI. As to being flagged as an unidentified developer by Gatekeeper I'd not worry about that. All it means is the developer hasn't gotten it signed by Apple. There are a number of known-good developers whose products kick up this message.
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