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Default Opening older Pro Tools sessions in Pro Tools 12

I apologize, there are a number of threads related to this, but they all seem to have died and aren't quite hitting the salient points.

I am a former professional studio musician, songwriter, and touring musician, now hobbyist (and a professional software engineer in my post-music-industry life), and have used Pro Tools since 1998.

I have several sessions in Pro Tools 6.x format (PTS) and can do nothing with them now that i've upgraded my hardware, software, and replaced my ancient G5/Pro Tools 7 with a Mac Pro and Pro Tools 12.

Two comments:
1. it is absolutely ridiculous to remove save/session file compatibility from a software solution - what do they think will happen with all of the pro tools files down the line that need remastering/rerelease? At least in the old days, you could more reliably find a tape deck that could play back the reel-to-reel used for recording. These sessions are completely worthless if they weren't properly saved as a copy at the end of all work due to varying audio file start/stop times and lengths. Sadly, a lot of sessions i was involved in as a pro landed this way so audio files don't line up.

2. For the longtime pro tools users, we really need a conversion utility that will convert a pro tools 6-era file to something that can be opened by pro tools 12. Anyone know of any such solutions on the horizon? I'm striking out on the web.

Thank you, and I'm prepared to be flamed for restarting an old topic, but none of the others seemed to move towards a solution.
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