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Default A little help please PTHD and video

So, I've been happily running PT on HDX for years, win and mac. I hope to run the Win 7 HDX 12.6 HD software without an HDX card but for now a card is installed and working fine with video when I set the playback engine to use it. Absolutely no issues with full movie sessions.

Today I set the playback engine to use the internal sound card, not HDX. Audio only works fine. When I try to playback with video I instantly get "The Video Engine reported an error". I can drag the playback cursor around and video follows perfectly. I can scrub an audio track and video follows perfectly. But when I press play, error. Doesn't matter size of session or number of tracks.

I think this should work but cannot find a solution yet. Any ideas?

added: I forgot to mention, this is with DNxHD video 29.97. It doesn't matter what quality setting is used on the video track either
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