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Default Re: Hybrid Eucon for S5 with 261 SC

The highest version of eMix software that is supported with a 261 computer is 2.9. In order to run Hybrid, you need at least version 3. But to take advantage of the latest Eucon functionality in PT10, you need to be running version 5.

So, in other words, Hybrid is not supported with an SC261 computer. (we stopped selling the 261 in 2005)
You would first need to upgrade to an SC264. Then, you can add the Hybrid option with the purchase of a 254h hybrid pilot.

But, a better option would be to upgrade to the all-in-one SC264d which includes the new DSP AND hybrid pilot (all in one box).

There may be other factors that would affect your system's ability to work with either option above. So it would be best for us to get more specific info about your system to determine exactly what is needed. If you are in Chicago, Jay Spears in NY is your sales rep. He can be reached at

Hope this helps!
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