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Default Re: Mojave breaks DADman software

I'm not sure if this is a Mojave thing or an S6 WSControl / S6 2019.5 issue. Even on High Sierra I was having connectivity issues between DADman and my S6. I ended up going back to 2018.3 on the S6 and am done with testing the new software/firmware for now. (back to High Sierra, DADman 5.3.0 build 10, S6 WSControl 2018.3 / S6 2018.3 and Pro Tools 2018.7 for now)


Originally Posted by BScout View Post

The S6 thing is a lot worse. It's like it refuses to grab DADman's info (though some of the things are working even if the GUI is not updated.) And no repeatable order of events seems to get it to work again (tried a bunch of different ways.) At some point, something just triggers it to work again and it will finally work again with the S6 completely.
And once it does, it stays locked (until a reboot).
I was trying to write up instructions for what to do for others who use our S6 but had to give up because there's no direct instruction to give other than keep trying to close and restart DADman while the monitoring screen is visible until it works. And having Pro Tools off until it does seems to help.
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