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Default Re: VIA and Pro Tools

I have been running Socket A w/ Digi001 for about 2 years. I would highly recommend an ASUS board -- I have went through 4 different boards and the 3 ASUS boards worked great, and the 1 non-ASUS wouldn't work at all (PCI bus was pegged red in PT no matter what I did).

Just to clarify, why did I go through 4 boards if ASUS is so good? The first board (A7V333 I believe it was) I fried myself by sheer stupidity. I replaced it with a Soyo Dragon 2 and had the PCI bus issues. Replaced that with an ASUS A7V8X-X board & it worked great with PT, but I think the board was actually damaged as I started getting random reboots. So I just replaced that board with an ASUS A7V600-X (last night, ironically) and it's working like a champ - PCI bus in PT is almost 0%, install went without a hitch, etc.

Best news of all? The A7V600-X (which is KT600/VT8237, btw) goes for around $60 delivered on NewEgg:

So it won't hit the wallet too hard <g>.

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