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Default Can't open Pro Tools 8! Requires iLok?

I just bought Pro Tools 8 today and I have successfully installed it. But I am now getting a window asking me to authorize Broadband Noise Reduction, but I can't because I have no iLok. When I hit quit, the program just crashes or freezes when it tries to load DB-33 plug. I have all more serials from Digi. I am on Vista Hom Premium and 7.4 worked perfectly. And yes I uninstalled 7 first. Do I gotta go out and buy a god damned iLok and pay for an auth?

I moved the DB-33 plug files out of the common files folder and now I get the same error when it loads Dynamic III. So I moved that too and trying it now!

The error is a Runtime Error saying the app requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. WTF? Now it's doing it on Flanger. At this rate, I won't have any plugs by the time this thing loads!

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