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Originally Posted by Strongtower View Post
Hello everyone,

what Pro tool software ideal for audio editing can install on Mac powerpc G5 - OSX 10.5,8 and how do I activate it,could'nt find any info on Avid website.
Its tough to find info as you're asking about stuff that's 12-14 years old(which is ancient in the world of computers). Looks like 8.0.4/8.0.5 are the likely options. In that era, there was Pro Tools LE, which is authorized by a code that would look like "DIGI08......" and it would only function with a compatible interface(Mbox 2, 002 or 003). There was also HD software which required an iLok(with license), an HD core card(minimum) and at least 1 interface(probably limited to the 96 IO or 192 IO). Of course none of this is very ideal because you can't buy that vintage of Pro Tools outside of the second hand market, and getting compatible plugins will be tough if not impossible.
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