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Default Automation, Plugin, write-to-all-enabled, but only for the currently targeted Plugin


Situation :
Automation Window : only Plugin activated
Audio-Track : with 2 Plugins
1. Plugin : Eq with Notch-Settings, variable in Bypass, Freq and Gain across the Selection, automated
(e.g. for bad Resonance Freqs, differing within the Selection)
2. Plugin : new Eq, that should do a LowCut fixed at e.g. 100 Hz all over the Selection

Aim :
make the necessary Adjustments on the 2.Plugin and write-to-all-enabled in the Selection
without Blowing the Automation of the 1.Plugin

Solution :
1.Plugin Automation-Safe
2.Plugin write-to-all-enabled (Cmd+Alt+/)

Okay. But what if there are 5 Plugins in this Audio-Track, each Plugin with varying Automation ?
Everytime I want to adjust a Plugin-Automation and like to use write-to-all-enabled, I need to recheck, that the other 4 Plugins are Automation-Safe, in Case I forgot.
This can only be done by clicking on each Plugin and rechecking the green "Safe",
there is no Change in Color of the Plugin in the Mix Window, only for Bypass(blue) / Active(white) , not for "Safe".

There is : write-to-current (what is shown in the Track View)
there is : write-to-all-enabled (to all enabled Plugins of that Track)
why isn´t there a write-to-all-enabled-but-only-to-the-current/targeted/open-Plugin ?

Or did I missed that (only 4 Years of Experience on Pro Tools, CPTK , currently 10.2, just on an iMac),
could not not find anything in the Documentation, in the Forums.

Are there other Techniques to use write-to-all-enabled , or an Alternative to it (without using write-to-current and Toggling through the Track View) ?
Is there a "Trick" to see at a Glance, if the Plugins are Automation-Safe without opening the Plugin ?

Hoping for Advice,
(Post for Student/Indie/Short, very LowBudget)
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