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Default Cannot hear Pan in headphones

Mbox 2 (Factory) and Pro Tools 7...

Newby question... no luck looking it up so far. I have imported four WAV tracks recorded externally in to my new Pro Tools LE 7 session. I set outputs on the WAV tracks to 1-2 (stereo) but no matter what I do I cannot hear the pan in my headphones... in other words it is always centered. Interesting enough, when I pan to the < 0 > position, the sound becomes very faint. I have a Master Fader set up, and can hear everything jsut fine (albeit in Mono) when setting the outputs to 1 or to 2...

This is very perplexing to me... and is probably a result of my inexperience with DAW... always have used external records (like MR8 HD) and never had such a problem.

Does anyone have any thoughts?

My thanks!
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