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Default Uni Offering Pro Tools 101 and 110 Exams Free

Hello all :)

I'm a third-year music student at Derby Uni, and we've been offered the chance to do the above two exams essentially free of charge (we only have to pay for the two books, clocking in at around 70 for the set). I understand that to take them externally would cost somewhere in the region of 600.

My question is, is it worth it? I'm really good with new technology (my other obsession besides music) and know Logic inside-out without a qualification saying that I do. I'm pretty competent with PT 10 as well, it's just a case of learning the intricacies of the software now. In terms of career, I'm looking to become a teacher but work within my band and as a session player/producer in any and all free time. My only worry is, in say five years, will the 101 and 110 exam qualifications be antiquated and not considered relevant anymore? Nice to have, but not relevant.

I also don't own PT yet - I've used it a lot in the uni studios and have spent a lot of personal time making notes from lecturers and YouTube. I realise having it at home will be of HUGE benefit to revision and learning, but is it essential?

Many thanks for any and all replies.
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