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Default Re: how to enhance a crusty, old soundtrack?

Hey John:

I LOVE clients like this. No budget, no tracks, no time.

You are probably safe to roll off as low as 6K, since most optical tracks in those days didn't respond much above that. Although having said that, there might be something useful a bit beyond 6K.

I think what you may be looking for would be a single ended (sometimes referred to as "after the fact") noise reduction. Both Dolby and Behringer made these units and rental companies should still carry them. That will help to eliminate a lot of the noise, hiss, snap, crackle and pop.

If memory serves me correctly, the Dolby unit used a remote with 5 or 6 sliders on it which worked a bit like a graphic eq with pre selected center frequencies that seemed most effective for this type of application. I only wish I could remember the model numbers of these units. (sorry)

With regard to brightening the tracks, a Aural Exciter is not a bad choice. Others would be BBE Sonic Maximizer, the old Brooks Siren unit (whose model number I also forget...) and almost any TC Electronics processor.

Good luck!

Best Regards
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