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Default Re: 001 user looking to change from Mac to Windows

Make sure you use Protools LE 6.4 cs9 (the last version supporting the Digi001) if you are using Windows XP SP2. Earlier versions of Protools will not work with SP2. You need to get updated PACE drivers too. Make sure you avoid Windows Media Center that is commonly included with some consumer level computers. Get Windows XP Pro (or Windows XP Home if you need to cut costs). Check the compatibility listing for the proper motherboard chipset and Firewire card/port. Make sure you get enough RAM (1-2 Gig) and (very highly recommended) a fast second hard drive for audio. Get the best processor you can for the money. Get at least a Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon 64 (Do not even consider any Celerons, Semprons, Durons, or Turions).

Rather than getting a cheap basement rig now, try to save up for a decent rig in a few months. You'll be happier and less frustrated. Remeber, these are not Mac's and there are many more variables that can cause you head aches. Follow the compatibility and troubleshooting guidelines, and you will be better off.

Good Luck
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