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Default 001 user looking to change from Mac to Windows

I am looking at getting a new computer and at this point on my extremely limited budget, I am considering getting a Windows computer over a newer Mac (one that works with 001, so still a G4) or upgrading my current computer. I have an old 400 MHz Mac G4 that isn't cutting it anymore for Digi001 under OS X (and since I am limited to OS 10.3.9 and earlier with 001, I can't even have the latest OS for everyday use). So I am looking into getting a Windows computer for everyday use and also the occasional PTLE messing around. What kind of computer should I look for? Will 001 even work with a brand new Windows computer?! (I know they don't work with Mac G5's so I have to ask!) If so, can I get away with purchasing a more inexpensive computer (like one of the lower end Dells or Gateways or similar)? Then I would just need to pay the $35 to download PTLE 6.4 for Windows XP, right? I'm sure there are other things I've not considered, but can anyone give me advice about making the switch to Windows (also keeping in mind that I don't do much extensive recording or mixing with a lot of tracks--maybe 8-12 audio tracks with a few aux inputs and a couple of MIDI tracks)? Thanks!
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