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Default Re: Monitoring in 003 Standby Mode

the Motif is hooked up as follows: 2 standard guitar type cables from the Motif outputs to 003 inputs 1&2. The "insert" type cable goes from the motif headphone jack to a pair of inputs on the Central Station(TRS 2). That could be sent to the Aux inputs of the 003 instead.(I like how you broke up the quotes but haven't figured that one out)

A newer(cleaner) mixer might help and don't forget that the mixer likely has some aux outputs so you could also use those to send other sources(other keyboards) to more inputs on the 003 for recording to separate tracks without any repatching. You also could use(on the Mackie) cables from the insert jacks(if they exist) so you could feed each keyboard to the 003 separately, while still having all available to the Aux inputs for "no-computer" monitoring. Maybe send the headphone outputs of all your external sources to the mixer(and on to the Aux inputs) while leaving all the main outputs patched directly into the 003. All that takes is the right batch of cables.

As for the lost "mixer mode". I would not be so hard on DIGI. They build the product based on protools recording first, so other non-PT functions may not rank very high on their list of priorities(despite how they might be important to the rest of us).
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