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Default Sample Rate Mismatch... How to export files as regions after problem.

Okay. I started a session with 44.1 K settings, but I forgot to change my digital mixer board settings to 44.1 K (it was set to 48K). When I "Export Regions as Files" They are pitched low.

I have fixed this problem with music projects before by opening a new session, and importing Session data from the other project making sure I tell it not to "Apply SRC". When I bounce the project, it all turns out correctly.

But this solution doesn't work when using "Export Regions as Files." When I look at them in the audio folder, they still show up as 44.1 K even though they are in fact 48K files. So when I tell it to export, it just copies the audio to the destination folder which is a confused audio file that thinks it is 44.1 K.

Are there any tricks to getting these files to realize they are 48 K so that I can "Export Regions as Files" and get them sounding right?
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