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Default Re: Looking for MIDI PATCH NAMES FILES...

OK, now a tip: check this out:

Whoever did this is brilliant... it will convert an OMS patch file into a midnam file. The problem is, it's not completely compatible with ProTools, so you have to be able to understand what you're looking at when you do it. BUT you SHOULD be able to use that little app to create all the patch name lists for you!!!
i tried this last week to no avail. i have a PCM91, an Eventide Eclipse, a Quantec Yardstick, a Roland XV5080, a Marhall JMP-1, and an Oberheim OB•12...ALL with OMS patch names. i could not get ONE of them to translate. anybody actually get this to work?

1) why did you make midi patch names SOOOOO stupidly complicated and difficult to impliment?
2) why do you only provide patch names for outdated synths from the 80's and early 90's?
3) why don't you provide us with a librarian or patch names.
4) tell the manufacturers how to do it, so they can provide it on their website.

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