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After following all of AVIDs advice (including deleting reference and workspace files, creating a second admin account on my computer and launching PT from it and, finally, sending AVID support crash reports and .dlog files and interface specifications) they got back to me that they can offer no fix for the issue at hand, more than that i should apply the plug-in and, when it works, freeze the track. PSP offered me a partiall refund instead and i took it and now i consider their plug-ins un-usable to me (at least at this stage, with this computer). I have found a couple of good replacements for Nexcellence and Springbox in Softubes Spring reverb and UADs AKG BX20. Still i feel that the PSP versions sound great and i would have preferred a solution to my issues, but ... they keep crashing my DAW.

Both AVID and PSP were interested in solving the issue and treated me with the up-most respect, i feel. Props to `em. / Jonas
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