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Default Re: Upgrading to Pro Tools 2019?

Originally Posted by IrelandM View Post
To Darryl,

Maybe you should consider your attitude and consider your speech and learn how to be polite to others.

Maybe you can focus on actually adding value here. What have you actually done on DUC to help other users? Tony got the help he needed in a quick reply. I am not sure how he missed all the posts here about 2019.5 or came to the specific incorrect conclusion he did. Or how he was complaining about 6106 errors in another thread (that this release very likely will fix), yet he was rationalizing that it was not a justified upgrade. None of that made any sense, but he got a reply that pointed this out as simply as I could — and hopefully got him focused on how to solve his 6106 errors. That was what I was focusing on.

It’s pretty much expected here that people read around, search for stuff before posting. And going to read all those concurrently running threads many of which are many pages long is *the* thing to do to learn what is going on if he wanted to do that...

There was nothing impolite in my first reply. My reaction bristled when folks whine about getting quick specific help that actually likely fix serious problems they are having.

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