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Default Re: Upgrading to Pro Tools 2019?

Originally Posted by tonyreed View Post
Are there people on this forum who can explain to me how the cost of the yearly subscription is worth the latest upgrade? Are there lots of bug fixes? Is upgrading to the latest OS a big help? From my admittedly non professional view point I just can't see value for money here. But maybe there is more to it than i know?? The only thing I can see that i would use is the track labelling feature. Big deal though - I still have to type an abbreviated version to fit into that little box.
What? 2019.5 is the significant rework of plugin threading and has delivered vastly better performance/stability under load for many users. It's clearly a stunning/important release. Maybe one of the most important in a handful of years.

And isn't your system suffering from -6106 errors?

This is being discussed a lot on DUC already, you need to go read those threads/we dont' need another one here.
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