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Default Re: Importing 16 bit audio from video to a 24bit session is 1/4 frame early

Originally Posted by Leverson View Post
What kinds of video codecs are you receiving? And what kind of audio with them?
They send H264 mp4 which I transcode in Davinci Resolve (which the free version is great btw) to DNxHD as a mov. The result has always been the same with both once imported into PT, but when you drop on the timeline in resolve and it doesn't match the program settings, it asks if you want to change settings to match the video, which I always say yes to. This sets up the export to default at the same bit depth as the imported video. So I've been exporting DNxHD with 16 bit audio. Now that I worked out the issue, I exported a previous video at 24 bit and imported it and the guide audio was in sync.

I'll have to check on Resolve but the audio in all cases I'm pretty sure was linear pcm. I wonder if the issue exists with 16 bit audio only files as I'll export pip tracks only and have a look.
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