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Default Re: Backup and archive hardware and regimes

Originally Posted by justinhill View Post
I take it you feel I shouldn't buy second hand drives for backup... I know what you mean - but we use G-Tech at the studio and some of our drives are getting on for 10 years old and we've never had a failure. I have quite a lot of confidence in G-Tech.

Also, the G-Drives don't have fans, but do have really good heatsinks.
I had a whole series of G-Drives fail. 15 drives from 1 years worth of projects. There was a fault in the controller chip design for the G-Drive. We ended up dismantling all the drives to bypass the controller chip and then attaching those drives to a standalone SATA connector and transferring everything to a NAS (that is backed up to a mirror offsite and cloud storage.)

So it's all good until it isn't.
And G-Tech has traded hands (so the internal drives have also have changed depending on ownership.)
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