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Default HD Core accel PCIe Compatability

I'm looking for advice, I have just purchased a 192 converter and an HD core accel pcie. I'm running pro tools 10 on pc with the control 24 and the 003 rack so wanting to use the HD Core instead. I have the following board msi x99a and installed the card but my current install didn't like when I opened pro tools it stuck on loading the plugin "Air Chorus" so I reinstalled windows 10 loaded it again and it was the same. I ditched windows 10 for windows 7 ultimate and reloaded pro tools but the system was unstable and got a few blue screens. I found my bios somehow became corrupt (possible due to the crashes) anyhow I removed the core card and everything else and the board was still unstable, Not sure if the core card caused the issue in the first place as I have never had any issues hardware wise with the system.

I have now ditched the board for a Asus X99-Deluxe II Motherboard Socket 2011-3 as a replacement, I'm looking to see if the HD core has issues with newer hardware and which OS is best suited?

Current hardware
Intel i7 5820k
Radeon RX460
32Gb DDR4
4TB Sata Hard Drive
256 SSD Hard Drive
800w Corsair PSU
Water Cooler

Thanks in advance
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