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Default Re: Mbox3 Pro: +4 Line Input Unity Gain

Originally Posted by Darryl Ramm View Post
I misread this thread in the first go as an Mbox 3 not an Mbox 3 Pro... I mean why would somebody be asking this question with a Pro? So let me point out its all a complete waste of time. The Mbox 3 *Pro* became clear to me on mention of +4/-10 line input switches.... they are there in the Pro because the line input bypasses the mic preamp in that model. So gain settings make no effect assuming you are using the correct frigging line input... so why are you using the wrong physical input to start with?

If you would prefer an Avid employee to ask you that question you can purchase a support ticket and contact Avid support.
Yeah, I'm already going way above and beyond with this thread, ha ha.

Ok, when I go back in there, I'll make sure that when set to +4 and when using a "1/4 TRS plug, the gain knob is bypassed.

I hope that's the case and that I'm just way off.

Thanks again.

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