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Default Re: Upgrade - Pro Tools HD 8 to 10

Originally Posted by Grey View Post
Hi All
I am following this thread. I am also looking at upgrading from HD 8->HD10.

My system runs great:
2009 MacPro 4.1 -> 5.1
32 gig ram
Snow Leopard or Lion (both run great)
192, loaded
HD1 ( maybe upgrade)
I do mostly Sound Design, Post, some recording.
In the box.

My Questions:

What are the Major benefits of moving to HD 10?
Would I benefit from upgrading TDM cards? HD2 HD3?
Or simply stay where I am?

I think your system runs great with PTHD8.1.1 and you're thinking this whole thing backwards. You should first buy two second-hand Accel cards for an upgrade, and then maybe think whether you want to mess up with your system.

I would actually leave it as it is, because the upgrade isn't so cheap and when you really need more horsepower you would likely be thinking of whole new computer and native processing anyway.
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