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Default Activate Perpetual "box" ordered, but online NOW

Originally Posted by jescoelvis View Post
Just paid for Perpetual license for Pro Tools online, and ordered it as in a "box", which I guess means they send a little box with a card in it and a code on the card. Figured seeing EVERYTHING regarding getting PT going is done online that this activation code would be somewhere in my account, but, no-can-find...any tips? Or, after spending 600 bucks do I literally have to wait for a piece of paper to come in the mail to authorize and register Pro Tools? Argh.

Why the Avid store only has, or at least seems to only have, the boxed version is beyond me. And their Pro Tools install documentation about this is pretty awful... confusing about how you will get an activation key. So if they will deposit licenses in your account as well or not I donít know.

More a warning for others, better purchase options in the USA are to buy through folks like Sweetwater, not only can you clearly order download only versions but they have live sales reps who are easy to reach if you have questions/need help.

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