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Default Re: ilok via a usb hub ?

Originally Posted by VRW View Post
Matt, basically you are right but, you know, they simply won't change anything at all. It works for them so they keep doing it.

You only have two options finally: accept what you cannot change even if it hurts or change it. There's no other way out, dude.
I never liked the iLok system as well but finally I decided to stay with Pro Tools and stay with the plug in manufacturers who use
this licensing system anyway.

If it leaves you too unhappy just leave the system. Get, for example, Logic Pro X which has become a fantastic DAW over time and
seriously can compete with PT nowadays and only use plug ins which do not use the iLok system anymore.

There are fantastic, professional plug ins out there which are not licensed via iLok like all the Waves, all the Plugin Alliance and many more.

However if you decide not to change that all try to cope with it. Doesn't make sense to fall into despair or never ending anger because of
something you cannot change finally. There are so much more important things in life at the end of the day.

However if you decide to stay with the iLok system I have to agree with Jack: get the f... ZDT! If you go with the iLok system it makes your
life so much easier for just $30.- per year. Itīs really really worth it at the end of the day.

Anyway I can understand you and, you know, you always have the option to leave that system. Today there are serious alternative options
you could use instead finally.

All the best to you.

Cheers, VRW

I think that's the key, it's just pure frustration of in a modern world there are better ways to deal with this issue of protecting data on devices, you see key security devices ranging from black box license devices to random number generating dynamic keys for most commercial products where upon failing you don't need to be out of action for days, and you certainly don't need to send the device back to get your data recovered by some guy holding a root key, they ship out the dumb cheap device (or you buy one) and re-sync, the frustration isn't that the system is on a physical device, or that it fails (they are cheap, they will fail) it's the over the top process and costs it demands, they must have a large non-usa base, yet return to the USA is the only option, there is no investment in device sync/replication. I'm happy with pro-tools and I feel it's something worth continuing with, more so as an amateur swapping software isn't helpful.

I think the frustration is around the pointlessness and costs of the process overall, but to have it happen a an unexpected time, eg: the device was working, ilok told me to update to the current license manager - I did that and the first open after the update the device is feels questionable, but then if you don't upgrade and raise an issue the first thing support tell you to do is upgrade to the latest version, the whole thing feels like a scam

you must buy our hardware
you must use the software and software versions we tell you
if that software then triggers a break you must follow a process that is a pain and costs money
you must then buy another of our devices

if you want to use the software while following this process of our making you must give us more money, but you must still follow this process in the background.

it's just a case of sucking it up I guess, and keeping up to date with other options such as the new cloud sync stuff I've been reading about.
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