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Default Re: My Windows PRO TOOLS Ver 10.3.8 - Wont Open ?

Originally Posted by Seafoam_Green View Post
How do I do that Zedhead
Easy - get Trasher which is written by guitardom (poster here).

Back a couple of posts you mentioned about uninstalling Massive. Can't be done as there's no uninstaller as such for individual NI programs. The best you can do is to either move the plugin to the unused plugins folder, delete PT databases, and restart PT. That way you can find out if it's truly Massive causing the problem. If you just delete the Massive .aax or .dpm file you'll have to do a re-install; much easier to just move it to the unused plugins folder.

Then you also mentioned having problems with other plugins (McDSP and TRacks) and as you surmised you have other issues going on. I would totally uninstall PT and all third party plugins, get CCCleaner and clean out the Windows Registry of anything PT related and third party plugin related, reboot the computer and reinstall just PT10.3.8 and the Avid Instruments and see where that gets you. A lot of work but then again considering the issues you're having it may be the only real way of fixing things.
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