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Default Re: Undipped music stem

I still maintain that the only reason for an undipped music stem stems (bad alliteration) from the old days before file based work flows, when the production music was stuck inside a proprietary system like the AMS Audiofile - and the promo producers wanted access to it at approximately the right level, rather than CD level - so they could cut in their promos in their avid. A dat of the show music undipped was a common EXTRA requirement.

But otherwise music stems should form the basis for making up the DME, and therefore MUST be dipped under sync sound, but NOT dipped under VO.

We all know that delivery requirements are often cut and pasted by a hotchpotch of un-qualified people (who probably come from the same recruitment agencies that hire the QC guys! - smirk ) who do not understand what they are asking for.

It is your job in audio to ask the right questions and make them understand the ramifications of their "wisdom". We are all skilled at giving producers what they want in a mix, often not what they ask for... let's extend that to international deliverables?

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