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Default HD3|Accel Video Solution

What up DUC?!

So I've been trying to figure out a solution lately for an HD Video setup with my ProTools HD3|Accel system, and have hit a wall.

We currently have a Canopus ADVC-110, which has been fine, but we want to expand up to HD video capabilities. Unfortunately, all of our PCI slots are used up by the graphics card and the ProTools cards.

I was looking at the other BlackMagic Intensity options aside from the Intensity Pro (PCI), but they are either Thunderbolt (don't have) or USB 3.0 and I'm not sure of ProTools compatibility with them.

I do have a 2nd Monitor set up, but unfortunately some of the bigger videos we work with, especially ProRes, really slow our system down. H264s are probably the worst due to the compression refreshing that the computer then has to do. It really slows ProTools down in a bad way - not good when clients are in the room.

Short of buying a Magma expansion chassis or switching to HDX, does anyone have a possible solution under $1000? Thanks in advance for all your help.
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