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Default Re: Major Outstanding Pro Control Issues

Is this a correct summary of the major oustanding Pro Control Issues ?

1. Monitor section quality not great. New card and e pot from Digi resolved much of the problems people were having, (pops, balance) but it is still not great. Mono is louder than stereo (control 24 has better monitor section)

-Monitor section is fine, and better with EPot. Mono should be louder. Control 24 monitor section is not necessarily better.

2. Fader Packs not usable in Flip mode for plug ins


3. Arm Rest Wears out quickly

-not the newer ones.

4. Finish of Pro Control and Fader Packs wears badly

-not true for me. Mine is almost 5 yrs old.

5. Power supply issues popping up causing units to go crazy. Fixed by changing power supply or parts in supplied power supply

-a rare problem with an easy fix.

Any other issues someone contemplating such a purchase needs to be concerned about?
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