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Default Re: Fast Track USB & Mac OSX 10.9 not working

Originally Posted by GeoffTebbutt View Post
I have been running into exactly the same problem while trying to migrate my Pro-Tools to a new (used) Mac mini.
I didn't have the money initially to pay for an upgrade plan, but still needed to do some simple recording. I downloaded Pro-Tools First and used my Fast Track Solo with it. Worked great.
When I was finally able to upgrade my Software to PT 2019.6, I experienced the same problems you are having. Setup assistant 'sees' the output of my Fast Track but not the input.
My temporary workaround was to RECORD in Pro-Tools First and save the session locally, then open it in PT2019.6 for editing and mixing.
It's not a perfect solution, but at least I was able to continue working until AVID fixes this problem or I get my Digi002 working after I get my Firewire 400 to 800 adaptor later this week.
Hope this helps (if you haven't given up already)
Welcome to DUC, but a few things seem wrong here. Let’s try to get some stuff unconfused and see if we can help you out.

Please don’t spam onto unrelated threads like this in future, create your own new thread for different problems. As for the OP’s problem you are replying.. how do you know their “not working” is anyway related to what you are seeing? There is just no useful description there. So how do you know what you are seeing, on a radically different OS (unclear if the OP is talking about OS X 10.9 or some windows release) is in any way related to anything they were seeing?

Now for your problem...

Are you on Mojave? Did you enable Pro Tools (as well as Pro Tools First) to access the “microphone” in macOS security preferences?

If that is not it...

Please start a new thread. And provide a lot more clear info about exactly what you are seeing and your setup. Start at “help us help you” up the top of each DUC web page to see what type of info to include.

Avid fixes exactly what problem? You likely need to describe this much more clearly. What exact “Setup Assistant” are you talking about? What exact options show up for playback engine devices in Pro Tools. etc. post screen shots if it helps.

Unless you have acknowledgement from Avid staff here or via a support case, or seen an acknowledgement from them to others, I would be working with zero assumption that Avid is aware of your problem and is going to be doing anything. If you have a support case open include that case number in your new thread.

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